18277 Stones of Hope !!!


Hey there,

the first month of the new year already passed by….time passes fast – too fast in my opinion – always remember that you can not buy time – > one of the most precious untouchable items we have in life.

Well, today I just want to give you an update about “The Growing Stone of Hope” again – Now we have more than 18 277 Stones of Real Hope. My wife and I still need to add them to be able to make a new picture. However, first we actually need to obtain 18000 stones from somewhere  :-)

If you know someone who would love to send us some special small stones, then please do hesitate to contact us. It would be wonderful to be supported by someone / company to let the Growing Stone of Hope become bigger and bigger.

All right everyone, I need to go to work now…I really wish you all the best and that your dreams become true. Leave me your comments -> they are always motivating for us!

Please take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

The Growing Stone of Hope

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