193 Growing Stone of Hope > We added 85 new STONES !!! WOW – YEAH !

Dear Supporters & Likers,

we are expanding! If we continue like that then soon we need a special place to let the Growing Stone of Hope grow further. Lets see what will happen in a few days…

If you have special wishes for example a special stone colour or anything else pls let us know. We are eager  to insert your desired colour on top of the growing stone.

As soon as “The Growing Stone of Hope” has many more supporters we will post an address where you can send your own stones which should be added in future.

We want that you really become a part of this project and thats why we soon we would like to receive your ideas, stones, maybe even videos saying how much you like this project.

We wish you all the best and take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

The Growing Stone of Hope


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