612 Stones of REAL HOPE! Can you feel it?!



I hope you are doing just fine. Let me tell you this right away. Its great to have you all on board :-)

At the moment we are rolling with more speed to the right direction. We added 131 Hope Stones in 11 days! I just can repeat myself > It’s exciting and it’s so much fun! My wife and I “absolutely” enjoy it ! We hope you too?! (let us know)

In addition we want to give a special imaginary big hug to all of you who clicked on the video, posted TGSH on their own blog, follow us, liked our posts, shared the links on FB, Twitter, Pinterest,etc. commented on our posts and talked already about it. Each comment, each like, each click is so much worth to us – you can not imagine it. Each single interaction has a mavellous meaning to us. Its like we are having a couch / trainer behind us who is saying “Don’t you give up on me! Stay focused! Do it now or never I know it will work out!” For real > you are giving us so much Power + Motivation + Energy + Focus + Excitement – that I believe I will not sleep tonight….I just want to keep on going :-)

Now something to think about    ”The Click

In our new trailer http://youtu.be/nOzTnayEgy0 we are emphazising that you can change the world with ONE CLICK – (hopefully it will become true) – furthermore we want to accentuate that this one click that you made and hopefully many people will make – is not just a click with a mouse but it also makes a click in our “Heart” and in our “Mind“. With the click on this video we realize what we can reach when we all work together for a very good cause. My feeling is (each time I click on the video) happiness and I am imagining thousands of little sweet smiling children dancing and singing all around their new school. > and that just because of one click – so in our eyes a click is not just a click anymore – much more than that – a click has the ability to change the whole world, change people’s focus, feelings and mindset.

>>>Your Click is Pretty Powerful!<<<

we wish you all the best

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple



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