Hey everyone!

How are you today? I couldn’t sleep yesterday..I have been awake until 4 o’clock in the morning. Actually, I have been thinking the whole time how to make “THE GROWING STONE OF HOPE” really popular and strong enough to make a huge impact. Well, I have a couple of ideas but the first one I would like to mention is the following. After some hesitation we decided to ask you for a favor that really could change the whole process of the TGSH Project. – FOR REAL -

The FAVOUR / Idea / Huge Impact:

YOUTUBE is offering a free of charge service called FAN FINDER.  (Fan Finder – Free Promotion for Your own Channel) A few months ago we applied for this service; unfortunately, YOUTUBE briefed us that we need 1000 Channel FOLLOWERS to enjoy the free advertisement for our project. So the good news is that we already have 6 followers. Yeah!! hmmm the bad news is that we need 994 followers to make a gigantic step forward. On WordPress we have now more than 800 Followers so we have been asking ourselves if you can support us once again and follow our youtube channel so that TGSH will be very famous at the end of this year.

Do you remember the “Trailer” we established…?… We established this trailer to participate on FAN FINDER on YOUTUBE. So if we make it to 1000 followers – then this trailer will be shown all over on youtube and lead to thousands of clicks on the original video!

So…what do you say? We know you already supported us a lot by clicking on the video, posting comments, reblogging and liking our posts..(thank you so much for that)…but this could become really BIG….so please pull yourself one more time together for this project and follow us on YOUTUBE. You will see  - it will make a difference at the end!

THANK YOU – Please take care – The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

P.S: Click on the picture -> a new window will open where you can follow our channel.

P.P.S.: To ask does not cost anything but not to ask could become really expensive…

Trailer Fan Finder

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