BIG UPDATE – PLUS 882 Stones for The Growing Stone of HOPE!


Yes ! The headline of this post is incredible.

We just added 882 (eight, eight, two) STONES of HOPE to “The Growing Stone of Hope”. It took us a while to add them but each second was a very special one. (smile) Actually, my wife and I could do that all day long.

Have a look at the picture. WoW, you really can see a difference. The Growing Stone of Hope is growing and growing – isn’t that beautiful?! Let us know what you think of this great step.

Support people in need. Support children in need.

Support people in need.
Support children in need.

Besides, we gained over 1000 subscribers on Youtube. That is really a huge success. Now, we are hoping that the Youtube FanFinder will start to support us to gain even more fans for the project.

If you haven’t clicked on the video yet or you have the urge to click on it again to make us add some more stones to the other ones, then please go ahead – here is the link  :-)

Link: (14 sec.)

In addition, I would like to recall the purpose of The Growing Stone of Hope.

As soon as the Growing Stone of Hope has more than 1 million stones, we want to sell it to people that do not have to worry about money. For instance, Tony Robbins, Jeff Walker, Prince Harry, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, Shah Rukh Khan, Bill Gates and many more who want to participate. With this money we want to create “Schools and Universities” for girls > first in New Delhi, India and then around the world. The Growing Stone of Hope project is not going to end after we received the donation; instead, it will become an ongoing support for people in need. We already have a decent plan how we are going to finance ourselves as soon as we sold The Growing Stone of Hope. To be honest, as soon as “The Growing Stone of Hope” has become a success, we are able to support people in need very efficiently.

Well, as we all know – the first step is always the most difficult one….however…don’t get me wrong now, but I am very confident that we will reach this goal ( with your support -what can go wrong?!). My wife and I are believing in the “POWER OF THOUGHTS” and I can tell you, that I already realized that the “Power of Thoughts” exist. Thoughts that you think of – go directly to the Universe. The Universe makes them come true no matter if the thought was positive or negative. …so be careful what you think of.. If you believe in it as well, I am sure that you made the same experience already, that something you were thinking of from day to day, became true sooner or later

Here you can see some pictures of New Delhi. A schools bus (the blue one is a school bus for real!) and some pictures of people who live on the street. Remember we all can make a big difference to the people by just clicking on a Youtube Video and forwarding it to our friends and family. 

support children in need in India

support children in need in India

As always – leave us your comment – we are very happy to read them all.

We wish you all the best and take care

Big Hug

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


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