Don’t take anything PERSONALLY


Hey everyone,

how are you doing today? Well, I have to say that at the moment I feel pretty well. I will let you know why. Actually, I have to work now… but I have the desire to spread my feelings with you.

Early in the morning my wife and I have been in the gym and each time we go there I listen to some audio. Today I started to listen to “The Four Agreements” The first 30 minutes have been astonishing!

Well, some of the wisdom in the first 30 minutes I heard before but the thing is that now I am ready to grab it. I believe there are specific times in life when someone is ready to grow and the last weeks showed me that finally the time has come for me to grow more and more. For people who are not seeking and interested in how to grow one’s life will feel lost while reading the following lines or listening to such a tape. I guess I now became sensitive to specific words, sentences and meanings because of the fact that I need to. I am picturing a door that I finally found and which I am unlocking slowly but surely.

The message that I want to spread around today – that I grabbed – is to take nothing personally at all. The title of the post says “Don’t take anything personally” now there are many ways how to read it…one way is to read it fast > not feeling anything while reading it, another way is to think …ohh I heard that before…      the way I read it –  is > making it to the main believe in my mind. Giving massive value to this TITLE – to live life like that.

I truly believe that this is the way to become immune against anything that bothers you in your life. When people look strange at you, when people dislike you, when people have a strange attitude towards you, when people talk bad behind your back, when people lie to you, etc.  if you start to not taking anything personally anymore in your life that comes from other people – I am sure that your life will look completely different right away. Its like you are living in a bubble and the skin of the bubble is becoming thicker and thicker as soon as you live after this principle. Words that hurt you, looks that irritate you, gossips that make you feel bad will just bounce back. If you start to believe that everything that a person tells you that is not pleasant at all he or she is actually saying to him or herself then it all makes much more sense. A person is hurting another person due to the fact that he is not happy with himself. Due to the fact that this person has so many issues in his life that he can not handle anymore. This person wants to get rid of the problems that are bothering him and that is why he lets it out at another person to feel released.

So if you start realizing that each person has his own problems he has to deal with and that telling negative words to another person is just a reflection of himself then you will not be vulnerable anymore. The opposite in your life will be established soon. You will become a person that bounces back anything that does not belong into your bubble and that you do not agree with. For real > try to imagine yourself being in a big bubble – and now imagine that everything that you do not like that is influencing your life is just bouncing back to where it came from. Your bubble is protecting you and day by day the skin of your bubble is becoming bigger and bigger and then you are so strong in your life that nothing can bring you down anymore!


I know that this post has nothing to do with “The Growing Stone of Hope”  but on the other hand I believe it does! It somehow belongs to the whole project…..The Growing Stone of Hope is growing each single day – do the same and never stop growing within yourself!

P.S.: actually I need to add many more sentences and examples to make my point a bit clearer but now I have to go on….

Pls take care – thanks so much for your comments we really read each one of them and we appreciate them a LOT!

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

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