OVER 1000 Stones of HOPE! 4 DIGITS…


Hey everyone,

we hope you are doing fine. We made a big step! We have more than 1000 Stones of Hope. To be exact – we have 1018 Stones.  It is just wonderful to say this number aloud. 1018 – YEAH!

As you can see on the picture we just added blue stones. Due to the last questions we asked – What color should we add? –  we received three answers – 2x blue and 1x yellow. So we took blue! Thanks again for replying!  :-)

Today we were looking at the TGSH and my wife and I thought – wow – one day this stone is going to have a value of a few million $ and then we all are going to support people in need enormously. Today I still can hold TGSH in one hand but I strongly believe that one day I will not be able to that anymore. I am convinced of the fact that one day we need a tower crane to move TGSH to the final destination. Yeah these are some of my thoughts I have when I look at it – (smile).

To be honest – I am unbelievable happy that we started this project and that we received such an unbelievable support of you guys. Without you …. I can’t even think about it what would be….

I have the feeling that as soon as this project obtained some popularity – it will definitely inspire people to do something similar. People will see that it works and they will start to believe that everything is quite possible if you make up your mind and just start doing it. “Just do it!”

I am imagining that The Growing Stone of Hope is not just going to support people who are really in need but ordinary people that have problems in their life as well. In my eyes this stone will give HOPE to everyone!


The Growing Stone of Hope Couple


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