The feeling I have right now…

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all doing pretty fine

Do you sometimes have this energetic beautiful feeling of communicating with people and let them know how beautiful life is right now?!

To be honest I have this feeling right now. Today is the 5.27.2013 and it is 17:00 o’clock.

I have been listening for more than 7 days to Anthony Robbins and I already changed my life. It is amazing what specific words can do with you. Just now I listened to “the meaning of your life“. I have to say that I know the meaning of my life for more than 17 years now. I know my purpose of being here on this world. I realized that there have been years I did not really think of my purpose and drifted away but I can tell you that the purpose of my life always came back to me and reminded me to keep going to reach the goal I set into my whole body.

Today I just want to share with you some thoughts: >Each one of you should live your life with pleasure. Take a break of your current work and look outside of the box and breath in and out. Feel the life, feel the love that exists around you, feel the air that streams through your body and makes it work everyday.

Right now I just have this feeling of telling you all that life is beautiful and can be beautiful for everyone.  I want to make a difference with you by myside and keep on going to make the lives of so many people in need better and extraordinary. I have been trying a couple of times to support people in need in a big way but never achieved it as I imagined. With “The Growing Stone of Hope“ I can feel that this is the first step of reaching the goal. This time I really believe it is going to work big time.

Herewith I would like to ask you (and I am going to do that as many times as possible) to spread the love of this project and press FB, Twitter, Pinterest, email the project to your friends and so on.

As a reminder > you are the ones that will make the change  > that maybe not everyone can think of right now

Just try to imagine:

-       The  Growing Stone of Hope becomes enormously huge

-       We can sell the Stone of Hope

-       We donate the money

-       People in need have the chance to enjoy life more

-       We continue with the meaning of the Growing Stone of Hope and establish a new and bigger goal.


Just let your mind imagine what can be and let your heart feel the energy and love that will be established.  > Just with a click < I hope that is not too much I am asking for ;-)

I really wish you all the best and I am glad I just shared my inspirations with you because it gives me a lot. I already feel much more motivated to make that change become true with you!

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