The Fingertip Story!



at the moment I am a little bit excited to post this experience due to weird thoughts that are flying through my head; however, I just follow my feeling and tell you a short story that happened to me a few days ago. Well, before I start, I just want to let you know again, that I truly believe in God and that I believe –> everything that happens in life has a “higher meaning”. For example, I traveled a very strange way to get to know my dream woman who is now my lovely wife. (Love at the first sight, at the same time -> both the same incredible feeling) …well thats another story…

“The Fingertip Story”

A few days ago, I have been very depressive. In these days I thought the raining days were the reason for my bad mood; or just because I felt more or less lost in space. Therefore, I prayed to God –>>I told him to make me happy again and to give me power to get through this dilemma.

Around 18:00 o’clock I decided to go to the gym to get some distraction. Oh boy… I can tell you that the parking lot was completely full; therefore, I decided to park next to the gym. A place where no car was parked but which was snow-covered! I thought the snow would not matter too much and I could get out of it easily again. Well,….. I was wrong……..when I drove down the little hill on the snow, I realised that I am going to be stuck sooner or later.

I decided to turn around and drive back. It was a miracle that I was able to turn my car around. However, as soon as I wanted to drive back to the top of the hill, I got stuck with my car. I was trying and trying to bring my car up again, but there was no way at all.

Slowly but surely, I smelled the clutch of my car. Right there I turned my car off and got out. I looked at my car and thought about the situation I got myself in……I started to talk to myself and said things like …why did I decide to park here? Why did I not park somewhere else? ..I just wanted to go to the gym and now I am stuck with my car. Why?

Well, I thought if I do not get out tonight, I am not going to be able to get to work tomorrow, I will not have a car for a long day, I need to call someone to help me out, I will be stressed out, etc…. so I sat down again and I called my sister to help me out. As always she wanted to support me right away.  She wanted to buy skid chains and bring them over. While we were talking on the phone I turned on the car again. I wanted to try it again and while I was looking at my speedo I saw a small button. A button I have not used for more than six years. The button was called ESP – ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL – while we were still talking on the phone, I pressed the button and I got out of this horrible situation as fast a rocket flies into space. I have been on the top of the hill in less than 15 seconds.

That success was one of the most beautiful feelings I had in the last few days. I was so happy that I was smiling the rest of day. When I was standing on the top of the hill, I knew that I have been in this horrible situations because God wanted to tell me that I can get out of any difficult situation within matter of nano seconds. I have been stuck but just with a fingertip I enjoyed peace and freedom again. At that moment, I really have been enormously happy and I thanked God so much for showing me how easy life can be.

I prayed to God and at the same day he answered! I prayed to him to make me happy and he did! Although, I had this experience a few days ago – I am still pretty happy – I know God is with me and when I need him he is always there for me. I just love him!

Why Am I Telling You The Fingertip Story?

To be honest….I want to give you a gooseflesh, I want to inspire you, I want that you never give up and that you know that you are not alone!

If you believe in God, then start strengthening your connection with this higher energy more and more. I believe, if you have no doubts at all that God is always with you, you will unify with him.

P.S: I have been thinking to post this story or not ….while I am writing this line I am proud I am going to post it.

…who knows …maybe the story is going to help you out….

I really wish you all the best and please take care! (watch out for snow covered parking lots)

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

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