“The Growing Stone of Hope” has now 72 Stones! It is still a long way to go for a huge donation…

Dear Followers, Likers, Readers and friends,

7 days passed since we started this project called “The Growing Stone of Hope”. The idea in short is that thousands of people click on the original Youtube Video and we add for each click a stone to the other ones. As soon as the stone is unbelievable huge we will sell “The Growing Stone of Hope” and donate the money to people in need.

We are pretty happy that we already reached a bunch of people in such a short time but we know we can do better. We can do much better with your support as well. Do us a favour and Facebook / Like our project and let people in Facebook know about it. We believe that we can reach many more supporters through facebook than through another social media channel.

We would be glad if you make the difference and click even a couple of times again on the video to promote it the right way.

Furthermore, we are happy to read your comments on our project.

We wish you all the best and take care

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

The Growing Stone of Hope


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