We need YOUR IDEAS PLEASE! Over 12900 Stones!


The Growing Stone of Hope


today is the 01.11.2015 and boy.. I can tell you that the year started pretty well already! This year there is a lot of stuff to do for us and we are eager to succeed in all areas. If you are eager enough to change your life this year, then set a goal -> write it down -> put it next to your bed -> look at it each morning and before you go to bed -> focus on it and sooner or later your brain will come up with a strategy to make your goal / dream come true. If you do not have a goal in mind…something your are fighting for ..then why should your brain use its amazing power to support you to change your life anyways. You need to know what you want so your whole body / cells know where to go and what to look for.

Well, in regard to “The Growing Stone of Hope”….we are a little bit stucked….now we have more than 12900 Stones (we still need to add them, (but that is not the problem)…however TGSH is really heavy now and we are in the 6th floor without an elevator.

So we have been thinking that we move TGSH to our basement for a while and continue adding the stones there…

TO BE HONEST – We do not believe that is the right place for TGSH – our basement is not really pretty and its cold / there is no love at all. Our basement is not special and we have the feeling it is just not the right place for this project – A project where we all put so much love into it, that you are supporting so well and that will change the life of so many children in need in India and in other countries…

that is why we need your ideas – please give us some ideas ….what should we do next…?

we do want to rent any place but we would love to put The Growing Stone of Hope in a garden or to a beautiful place that is big enough and where people can have a look at it as soon as it is SUPER HUGE!

We are located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

thank you for your ideas

best regards

The Growing Stone of Hope Couple

The Growing Stone of Hope

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